Attention: Currently there is a technical problem that for some areas the ski pass entry is not working.

Please try to add your ski pass number with the NFC feature in the Skiline App. If it still doesn't work, please take a look at this article: 

When entering the ski pass number, make sure you have selected the correct input mask and try again.

At least 1 lift access is required to add a ski pass to your profile. 

If you have not used yours yet, tick this box: 

(This box is only available on the website and unfortunately not yet in the app).

The input still does not work:

It is possible that there are currently technical problems with the collection of data in this area.

You can see if this is the case in your area here:

Note: Ski passes from old seasons

Unfortunately it is not possible to enter ski passes from previous seasons (season end is always 30 September). If the entry does not work, it may be because the ski days were too long ago.

If you still have problems entering the ski pass, please request support via our contact form. For further analysis, please also send us

- a photo of the front and back of the ski pass,

- the respective ski resort and 

- the date of the corresponding ski day.

After receiving your message, we will be happy to review your request in detail.