Normally you can find the ski pass number printed on the front of your ski pass. This number consists of 3 or 4 sets of digits separated by "-". Usually there is also a * in front of the first number (do not enter this symbol).

If there is no number printed on the front of the ski pass, you have the possibility to register your ski pass with the CHIP ID number on the back of your ski pass (starts with 1614...).

Note: If you bought your ski pass online and reused an old card, the printed number you were able to use last time will no longer work. Normally, if you wanted to reuse your card, this number would be reprinted at the ticket counter. The CHIP ID number of the card always remains the same. 

In this case, you can either use the 4-part or 3-part number that can be found on your booking confirmation, or you can enter the CHIP ID from the back of your ski pass along with the date of your ski day.