Usually your lift accesses become available within a few minutes. However, there are lifts that do not have a turnstile or have a turnstile without a network connection (this decision is not up to us). 

Lifts without a turnstile or without an active turnstile

For lifts that do not have an active turnstile, we have created the possibility to add them manually to your ski day. You can find this function exclusively on the portal on under your ski line - see item 'additional lifts'. Note: Adding lifts manually has a diary character, i.e. the daily statistics as well as the altitude meter diagram are not influenced by it.

Lifts with turnstile without network connection

These lifts must be maintained manually by the lift operator. This can unfortunately take several weeks, for example in Zermatt for the lifts Hörnli, Plateau Rosa 1 + 2, Plateau Rosa 3 and Testa. To reload the data delivered later, please update your ski pass regularly.

Delayed transmission of data

Regardless of this, it can happen that accesses from the access system of the partner services are transmitted to us with a delay. Therefore, it can take up to several days until we receive the data for a ski pass in order to generate the skiline.

We ask you to wait 1 - 3 days and update your ski pass regularly. If your missing lift tickets are still not available, please contact us with the following information:

  1. photo of the ski pass (front and back)
  2. concerned ski resort
  3. concerned ski day(s)