Come recuperare foto e video nell'app
In order to retrieve your media, you have to enter the number of your ski pass / cable car ticket into Skiline. You can either use the web portal
Ven, 21 Lug, 2023 alle 4:48 PM
Come aggiungere uno skipass nell'app
You can add your ski pass via the app as follows:  Select the pink plus symbol in the navigation at the bottom and select "Add Ski Pass".  Sele...
Mer, 3 Gen, 2024 alle 10:18 AM
Come aggiungere un membro della famiglia
With the Family Feature you can easily add people (partners/children) to your profile and then enter the ski pass of the respective person for them. This wa...
Ven, 21 Lug, 2023 alle 4:56 PM
Come aggiornare Skipass
Attention: You cannot refresh skipasses that are from previous seasons. If you have reloaded a skipass, you have to enter it again. For that, use the Chip-I...
Ven, 21 Lug, 2023 alle 5:04 PM
Come inviare un file di registro
This is how you can send us a Logfile in the app: Go to the menu point 'Settings' Tap on the first item with your profile picture go to '...
Ven, 21 Lug, 2023 alle 5:10 PM
Come aggiungere amici
To add friends in the app, you have these options: Search and add with email or username Tap on the pink plus symbol at the bottom of the screen Sele...
Ven, 21 Lug, 2023 alle 5:05 PM
Come eliminare le giornate di sci duplicate
If you see duplicate ski days in the app, you can see more precisely why they are duplicated in the web portal: In this example, the same ski p...
Lun, 18 Set, 2023 alle 4:14 PM